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NZDC Ranked Players

9th October 2022


Top Men 2021/22
Haupai Puha 86pts
Ben Robb 74pts
Jonathan Tata 68pts
Brian Corbett 46pts
Tahuna Irwin 46pts
AJ Tekira 44pts
Warren Parry 42pts
Mark Cleaver 40pts
Craig Caldwell 38pts
Craig Ross 30pts
Brian Steed 28pts
Landon Gardiner 26pts
Dean Reyland 24pts
Alan Skayman 24pts
Craig Brown 22pts
Te Kotahi Kaio 22pts
Ihaka Kaio-Wynyard 20pts

Top Women 2021/22
Wendy Harper 114pts
Nicole Regnaud 112pts
Desi Mercer 66pts
Tina Osborne 62pts
Chrissy Hay 58pts
Victoria Monaghan 54pts
Jo Steed 50pts
Mihi Awatere 32pts
Vani Bakani 32pts
Sharlene Maru-Habid 30pts
Dawn Unuka 30pts
Kayla Hitch 26pts
Tara Mears 22pts

Full New Zealand Rankings

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Victoria Monaghan


Ben Robb

Shot Darts




2007 South Island Masters Results

Invercargill (7th April 2007)


Click for Details of South Island Masters Puma Darts (Aim For Perfection)


Ladies Results

Men's Results


South Island Masters Ladies Results
Last 16 (Best of 5) Last 8 (Best of 5) Semi Final (Best of  5   ) Final (Best of   7   )  
R Padget (Southland)        
(3-0) R Padget (Southland)      
E Birrell ( Canterbury) 0      
    Linda Ladbrook (Southland)    
E Burke (Otago) 3 0    
(2-3) L Ladbrook (Southland)      
L Ladbrook (Southland)        
      Jo Hiko (Southland) Av 17.68  
D Holden (Southland)     4  
(3-2) D Holden (Southland)      
K Gibson (Sth Canterbury) 2 3    
    Jo Hiko (Southland)    
J Hiko (Southland) 3      
(3-0) J Hiko (Southland)      
M Downie (Non Reg)        
        Jo Hiko (Southland)
M George (Te Awamutu)       ( WINNER )
(3-0) M George (Te Awamutu)      
F Keane (Southland) 3      
    Mihi George (Te Awamutu)    
K McDonald ( Southland) 0 2    
(3-1) K McDonald ( Southland)      
J Harrington (Canterbury)     3  
      Piki Morrison ( Canterbury) Av 17.79  
V Henry (Sth Canterbury        
(3-1) V Henry (Sth Canterbury      
Y McClelland (Southland) 0 3    
    Piki Morrison ( Canterbury)    
P Morrison ( Canterbury) 3      
(3-0) P Morrison ( Canterbury)      
R Cameron (Southland)        



South Island Masters Men's Results
Last 16 (Best of 5) Last 8 (Best of 5) Semi Final (Best of  5   ) Final (Best of   7   )  
W Parry (Southland)           
(2 -3) B Whittaker (Canterbury)       
B Whittaker (Canterbury)  3      
    Barry Whittaker (Canterbury)     
D Harrington (Canterbury) 2 3    
(3-2) D Harrington (Canterbury)      
D Dummigan (Southland)        
      Barry Whittaker (Canterbury) Av 22.82   
P Hodgson (Canterbury)     1  
(0-3) B Smith (Canterbury)      
B Smith (Canterbury) 3 2    
    Bernie Smith (Canterbury)    
M Mc Donald (Sth Canterbury) 0      
(2-3) J Henry (Sth Canterbury)      
J Henry (Sth Canterbury)        
        Peter Hunt ( Palmerston North)
S Padget (Southland)       ( WINNER )
(3-2) S Padget (Southland)      
D Buchanan ( Otago) 2      
    Laurie Turner (Manawatu)    
L Turner (Manawatu) 3 0    
(3-2) L Turner (Manawatu)      
C Barrett ( Canterbury)     4  
      Peter Hunt ( Palmerston North) Av 24.20  
J Mc Donald (Southland)        
(3-2) J Mc Donald (Southland)      
J Renton (Southland) 1 3    
    Peter Hunt ( Palmerston North)    
W Mercer (Canterbury) 3      
(0-3) P Hunt ( Palmerston North)      
P Hunt ( Palmerston North)        










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