Notice to all Competitors & Visitors




1.         A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times.

2.         Dress Code: During the tournament “No Open Toed Shoes, Jandals or Tank tops dress will be allowed when playing. Players should wear a shirt with a collar. This means a dart shirt with a collar, a polo shirt with a collar or a blouse with a collar. T Shirts with a round or a V neck are not permitted. Furthermore short shirts or shirts that show the belly button are prohibited.

3.         No head gear shall be worn while playing without the permission of the NZDC.

4.         Jeans will not be permitted to be worn on stage during a televised final.

5.         Advertising: The New Zealand Darts Council reserve the right to protect their sponsors interests with regard to any advertising material, slogans, or logos used by players, teams or other sponsors during the Championships. No advertising apparel shall be worn on stage during finals, without prior approval by NZDC Executive.

6.         Musical instruments are prohibited from the venue playing area during the hours of play.

7.         Players and visitors are requested to respect the property of the venue during their stay

8.         All Cell Phones to be turned off or put on silent/vibrate mode when event finals are in progress.

9.         The New Zealand Darts Council reserve the right of admission at all times

10.       The New Zealand Darts Council reserve the right to expel any person from the venue if they are guilty of

            causing any damage or disorderly behaviour


11.       In the event of any wilful damage the offender and his region committee will be held responsible in respect to



12.       Competitors shall not bring liquor into the hall or take into the playing area.  Any breach of this rule can render

            the competitor liable to disqualification.


13.       An official representative of the region shall confirm all entries prior to commencement of event; any changes

            must be in writing and signed. Substitutions will only be accepted 24 hours prior to the Event starting time

14.       Children to be kept under strict control at all times.



1.         Players winning three (3) games to qualify to enter into a seeded straight knockout.  Other players may enter

            an open draw knockout.


2.         All section play - best of three (3) legs 501.  At commencement of knockout best of five (5) legs 501 up to


3.         All Finals will be played best of 7 legs, 501.

4.         All games will be played in accordance with New Zealand Darts Council Playing Rules and Bylaws.

5.         Disputes Committee shall be three Directors of New Zealand Darts Council.

6.         Three calls at one minute intervals will be made at all stages of the New Zealand Championships.  Failure to observe these calls will result in the game being defaulted by the absent player or players.

7.         All players to report half an hour before commencement of each event.  It is the player’s responsibility to be

            present at the board allocated in the programme by start time.  Failure to do this will mean disqualification from

            that event.


8.         Team managers are responsible for all 180 scored by their region players.  Please have the application signed

            at the Control Desk prior to departure from the championships.

9.         The winner of the game is responsible for bringing the result to the Control Desk.

12.       Failing to report to their Board when the game is called, Rule 6 will be invoked and the player will be disqualified from that event.

14.       Players who have qualified for the knockout play are required to check the section sheet and sign it to ensure that their results have been recorded correctly.

15.       CONDUCT During a match - players shall conduct themselves in a manner of respect for the other player (s) and shall refrain from annoying the other player (s) or using offensive language or making offensive gestures and shall refrain from any unsportsmanlike conduct (I.E. such as deliberately losing a Leg or match, deliberately delaying match play, or interfering with the throw of another player.)

16.       Any player found by the Organisers to be in breach of Clause 15 shall be deemed to have brought the Sport of Darts into disrepute and shall be disqualified from any further participation in the tournament.


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